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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

  2. Protective Mask - Corona Virus
  3. Stay Positive
  4. Stress - Outch, my Jaw Hurts!
  5. Caesar’s Salad
  6. Adventures in Italy – Visit to the Mille Miglia Museum in Brescia
  7. Adventures in Italy – Visit to the Collezione Umberto Panini Motor Museum in Modena
  8. Adventures in Italy – Visit to theStanguellini Historical Auto Museum (Museo dell'Auto Storica Stanguellini) in Modena
  9. Pouding Chômeur aka: Unemployment Cake!
  10. B.L.T. Sandwich - An American Classic
  11. Egg Salad Sandwich
  12. Canadian Adventure: Inuit Art Exhibition at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec
  13. Canadian Adventure: Visit toVancouver and Victoria, British Columbia: Totem Poles
  14. Mahi-Mahi with Avocado Salsa (even those who previously said they don't like fish will love this recipe!)
  15. Understand your Enemy: the Mosquito
  16. Fabulous Carrot Apple Cake with or without Cream Cheese Icing
  17. Handy recipe conversion charts (Metric to US; US to Metric)
  18. Absolute must-have kitchen tools for your home or travelling kitchen
  19. Homemade Buttermilk Pancakes (Canadian or American Style)
  20. The Eyes Have It: Macular Degeneration
  21. Canadian Adventure - Visit to Wendake, Quebec and Discovering the Wendat People
  22. Learning is the Key - Expand your Horizon
  23. There are Clouds, and Then There are Saharan Dust Clouds
  24. In Search of the Perfect Beach, or Where did all this Sargassum Come From?
  25. Marengo Chicken – What’s Napoleon got to do with it, got to do with it?
  26. Salade Niçoise  - the Perfect Summer Meal
  27. Temporary Shower Curtain Rod Extension - Do-it-yourself!
  28. Have you ever had a Stye (Hordeolum) or Chalazion in your Eye?
  29. It is Just NOT Summer Without Blueberry Pie
  30. The Magic of Music: For a mental boost, to cheer up, to relax, to dance...
  31. You are what you eat – Corn (maize) anyone?
  32. When Life Gives you Lemons…. You Make Lemon Meringue Pie?
  33. You Can't be my Friend, if you Love Spinach
  34. About Language, Accents, Music Box Souvenirs, Brahms Lullaby
  35. A Visit to Chateau de Fontainebleau, France
  36. So, What have you been up to During Covid Home Confinement?
  37. The Columbian Exchange… Or, Have Some Chili Con Carne
  38. The Other Fontainebleau - A visit to Domaine Fontainebleau in the Var
  39. Ever Been Stuck on an Island?
  40. A Halloween Treat: Pumpkin Soup!
  41. Crime and Punishment - or -Discipline via the "Berlin Bear"
  42. Dancing on the Ceiling? –Grandpa’s Delicious Pancakes
  43. Laternelaufen – Walking with Lanterns
  44. Adventures in Mexico - A visit to Baja California during the Holidays
  45. To Stuff or Not to Stuff – That is the Question (for your Holiday Turkey or Bird)
  46. Naughty or Nice - Memories of Advent Season in Northern Germany
  47. Our Christmas Tree was Adorned with Real Candles - What Stress!
  48. Mexico's Baja Charlie’s Favorite Christmas Memory
  49. No Christmas Goose This Year.  Even Better,  We’re Having Roladen
  50. Christmas Dinner Without Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage as a Side Dish - Unthinkable!
  51. Happy New Year - - Ugh, my Jelly Donut was Filled with Mustard?!
  52. Got (Leftover) Beef? How About Making Hachis Parmentier
  53. Falscher Hase (Faux Rabbit) - also Known as Meatloaf
  54. What a “Croque”!  (Croque Monsieur, that is)
  55. A Sprig of Lily of the Valley and May Day
  56. Happiness is…. A Plant  (How to Grow your own Houseplant)
  57. Armchair Travel - Where Are You From?
  58. What is your Christmas Dinner Tradition?
  59. A Covid Night Before Christmas Poem
  60. Leave the Old Behind.  AND Jump! Into! The! New!  Year!
  61. Happy Husband Chicken (AKA Chicken in Calvados Cream Sauce)
  62. Say Hello to my Little Friend(s) – The Sugar Bird
  63. We Have a Lost Mommie! - Or - Teach Your Children Well 



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